All Seasons Table, Malden, Revisited Again

We are obsessed with All Seasons Table and more than willing to profess our ardent love for the zen and spacious Malden restaurant (BMH’s All Seasons Table review and AST revisited).

After countless evenings of jazz, catch up dinners and larger group celebrations in the orchid surrounded back dining area, we had to capture another visit to AST.

The Pan-Asian restaurant is worth the trip to Malden because of its consistent, fresh and flavorful Pan-Asian entrees and sushi .

From the Dinner Specials menu we had to order the spicy edamame with the heat from the chili flake, lovely garlic and tamarind flavor ($5.95).

We could have indulged in the many cocktails and frozen drinks the from the bartender masters, but we opted for some anti-oxidant rich Japanese green tea.
We kicked off our appetizers with two orders of Roti Canai ($5.95). The spicy curry chicken Singapore-style, served with airy Malaysian bread was flavorful and the light bread. We could have doubled the order, but didn’t. Next time.The Lady in Red Maki ($13.95)  was another must order and truly special roll. The crispy Soft shell crab tempura center is topped with fresh sushi-grade tuna and orange tobiko drizzled with balsamic syrup. The sweet, salty flavors with textural contrast is perfect. We enjoyed our standards maki rolls including the Idaho sweet potato maki ($5.60), Shitake Tempura Maki ($5.65) and Yellowtail Maki ($6.45). They were consistenty delivered, prepared fresh and completely devoured.

The shitake tempura was crispy and earthy, the yellow tail was fresh and smooth and the tuna was buttery.

We really enjoyed the Singapore Fried Rice ($8.95). The dry rice was peppered with layers of flavors from the juicy Chinese sausage, caramelized onion and scrambled egg topped with a handful of cilantro, scallions and fried red onion. The dish was very tasty and we would order this gain. The Malaysian curry chicken ($9.95) had super tender and juicy chicken, a smooth curry filled with onion flavor. The blanched broccoli was a nice contrast to the chef’s special curry sauce. The House Special Pan-Fried noodles were so good. I do not describe them another way than so good ($11.95). The thin yellow noodles lightly pan – fried were topped with juicy chicken, beef, onion, bok choy , carrots and snap peas s in a glistening house special brown sauce. The Sesame Crispy Chicken was executed well, sweet and prepared well. However, a dish you could get anywhere in Chinatown ($8.90).We can not believe out good fortune to have enjoyed All Season’s Table over the years and we can not wait for another meal.
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