Cafe Latino, Government Center, Beacon Hill, Boston

There are few places in Boston to go to for  authentic Puerto Rican (we can not wait for Vejigante in Roxbury’s old Don Ricardo’s). Cafe Latino, located in 3 Center Plaza in the second floor Courtyard, is one of Boston’s best and authentic Puerto Rican food offerings.

Cafe Latino serves many its dishes served with rice, beans and plantains, as well as empanadas and breakfast dishes. We were very interested in the Cubanos (roast pork, ham and swiss cheese panini sandwich) for $6.99.

The Bistec en Salsa (Steak in sauce) for $8.99 and Mofongo con Chicarron (Pork) for $10.00 caught our eye, however we will have to try both of these dishes next time.

Cafe Latino’s pernil with crisp skin and tender pork.

The cafeteria sells refreshing coconut water, sodas and other exotic Latin beverages and juices found at bodegas or sometimes can be found at the ethnic aisle of the mass supermarkets.

We enjoyed the Pernial Asado (Pork Roast) for $6.99 with tostones (fried plantains) for $2.50 and yellow rice and pigeon peas. The pernil was flavorful, had bits of tender meat, some fattiness and then crispy skin. The rice and pigeon peas were very seasoned and went well with the tostones.

We also ordered another pernil plate with maduros or sweet plantains with white rice and beans. The light sweetness of the plantains were a nice balance to the seasoning of the pork and beans.

The Empanadilla de Pollo was $2.00 and had a flakey exterior.

The empanadilla’s interior was stuffed shredded chicken, however the chicken was a bit dry.

Although Cafe Latino will no longer be a secret, we are willing to share. For super tasty, no frills lunch, Puerto Rican, Cafe Latino is the place to go. The food is great value for money and absolutely delicious. Each of Care Latino’s lunch specials are very generous in size, essentially one lunch serving and another hearty portion for dinner later.

 Cafe Latino on Urbanspoon

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