Helados and Empanadas, Crashboat Beach, Aguadilla

For a day trip, we ventured over to Aguadilla’s Crashboat Beach, 2 hours west of San Juan.  The waters were crystal clear, sand were soft, but larger granules versus powdery and there was exotic tropical fish and creatures during snorkeling. Fair warning: it is much more difficult to swim back towards the beach than swim out!

Thanks to our travel companion, Nicky Minaj’s Starships was incessantly on the tip of our tongues and minds during our great day and evening at the beach.

Let’s go to the beach, eachLet’s go get awayThey say, what they gonna say?

There was no shortage of Puerto Rican eats including restaurant shacks and parked trucks. We enjoyed some Pastelillos which were fried hours before and sat in a heat lamp container. We did not care that they were not made to order, the food tasted great at the beach.

For $2.50, I enjoyed a hand sized pollo empanada. The exterior was crusty and very crisp, containing the best part, the flavorful chicken filling.

Our friend enjoyed a mixed seafood empanada, filled with fish and conch. We have made various empanadas at home, however have not tried seafood yet.

There were several pelicans being fed chips or some item from a bag by a shirtless local. He told us he would make the pelican do tricks if we gave him a dollar for a bracelet . One of our friends got a bracelet and was entertained. However, one pelican bit our friend. Beware!

We had to stop and have some coconut helados for $2 a small cup.

The iced sweet coconut milk flavor was so refreshing and the helados had flecks of coconut through out. So tasty.

Crashboat Beach and all the food was definitely worth spotty and nerveracking Puerto Rican highway driving. According to a friend, traffic lights and traffic rules are merely a suggestion. Despite this factor, going westward was a special and memorable experience.

2 thoughts on “Helados and Empanadas, Crashboat Beach, Aguadilla

  1. Hey!

    I see you have the WRONG idea about, Harry “The Pelican Whisperer” and the pelicans. First they Don’t eat chips only sardines. Second, he does not ask for money. He asks the people to buy a bracelet for a dollar, and then he will have the pelicans perform for those who contributed buying the stuff he sells. The money he makes goes to buying more sardines for the pelicans. Which is not cheap. I know this because, I have traveled to Puerto Rico specifically Aguadilla, Crash Boat many times. And I have had the privileged of meeting this extraordinary man. And I have ask him about what he does.

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