Los Pinchos de Titi, Crashboat Beach, Aguadilla

Our favorite food stand at Crashboat Beach was Los Pinchos de Titi. Titi’s grill and table is the first in a series of stands. Her creative signage and super fresh kebabs make us repeat visitors. At 6pm, Titi closes up shop, so we made sure we enjoyed her pinchos well before then. We loved Titi’s painted menu board. The cerdo, little pig and the arrow to the cod fritters or bacallaitos were our absolute favorites.

She was keeping warm tostones, cod fritters on the top grate on the grill and warming up fresh pork and chicken pinchos. 

Each plate of one pincho with soft bread spread with garlic butter was around $6 each. The pork pincho was tender and the tostones had a nice garlic flavor.

The chicken pinchos were slathered with a sweet barbeque sauce and each bit of chicken was exceptionally tender. TIti’s pinchos were very generous and a plate made us full.

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