One Ten Thai, Aguadilla

After a perfect day at the beach and hearing superlative commentary about the best Thai place on the island, we had to go to One Ten Thai. One Ten Thai in Aguadilla is a pan-Asian restaurant filled with limited indoor and plentiful outdoor seating. The restaurant is only open evenings from 5pm-10pm. Throughout our dining experience, there was an incessant stream of ex-pat or American patrons waiting for seating.

The outdoor ambiance was fun with the lighting and simple set up. The music playing was so clear, it felt as if there was a live outdoor band, in fact was a precarious ipod and speaker setup.

Although the restaurant is a welcome break from Puerto Rican cuisine, it was overly hyped that their Asian was a bit of a disappointment.  In addition, none of the staff were of Asian descent.

The limited menu is filled with stir fries, curries, noodles and a variety of popular Asian appetizers.

The Thai iced tea was the perfect level of sweetness and milkiness. One of the best items ordered.

The order of three summer rolls ($4) were filled with veggies and cabbage and served with a parcha dipping sauce. Despite using the very sweet parcha sauce, the rolls were sill flavorless and half of them fell apart upon holding or biting the roll.

The dim sum homemade Thai pork dumplings ($3) were steamed and served with a chili soy dipping sauce. Again, the pork dumplings were lacking flavor and could not be saved even with the chili soy sauce.

The sweet potato coco soup $4 was warming, had a light sweetness and was very pleasant to sip.

One Ten Thai’s chicken pad thai was tasty. It came with carrots, bean sprouts, sliced zucchini, tofu, ground peanuts and egg in tamarind sauce ($11).

The Thai green curry ($10) zucchini, bell peppers, onions, eggplant, broccoli and Thai basil was again lacking that exponential kick heat and flavor. There were three of us who ordered the Thai green curry and the three of us had to add additional Sriracha, but something was still missing.

The pad cashew, with extra heat ($11) was full of nutty cashews, fresh pineapple, and ginger, bell peppers, onions, and carrots in a garlic brown sauce. This dish we would get again. It was layered, tasty and we wanted more.

One o our other favorites of the evening which was quite delicious and we would try to order this another time. The fish curry served with white rice and a smooth broth which was nicely seasoned. The fish was flakey.

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