Lechonera El Rancho, Cayez

On the hunt for Lechon (crispy roasted pig), we took out the 4×4 and cruised down Highway 184, to the Caguas, the Lechonera area of Puerto Rico. Caguas has numerous Lechoneras on the ride, but our final destination was Lechonera El Rancho.

We finally made it to Lechonera El Rancho, and according to our local sources, this was the place to go. Even Andrew Zimmern of Bizarre Foods went to Lechonera El Rancho on his show. Although parking was a challenge, with patience we found an opening.

One Lechonera we passed had festive signage and decor.

We enjoyed a few Medalla beers later on, which are sold at convenience stores on the way to Cayez.

We passed any Lechoneras on our ride, including Lechonera el Tabonuco.

El Rancho has a unique vibrancy from the salsa and bachata music including Celia Cruz and Aventura’s Obsesion (Although from the DR, love this song and them). The  locals were dancing, selling knick knacks and families and couples were enjoying luscious and crispy pork.

The full roast pig on the spit

More crispy roasted lechon

Sides of rice with pigeon peas, yuca, white rice

Slicing or rather macheteing pieces of lechon

The crispy skin was unreal and tender meat was finger licking good.

I loved the side of yellow rice and pigeon peas.

We also enjoyed a tamale with pork filling wrapped in a banana leaf. It was hearty, but delicious.

My plate with all the bounty including the pork, rice and beans and tamale.

To wash down the mean, I enjoyed an iced soursop (guanabana) drink. It was sweet and tangy.

After, I couldn’t help but have a Coco Rico soda, so refreshing.

To close our our meal, we enjoyed some flan custard (BMH’s recipe attempt of flan). It was smooth, bounce and perfectly square.After such a memorable meal and chatting with some locals, we had considered dancing to work off the meal and join in on the merriment, however we were all just too full.

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