Mercado Urbano, Condado, San Juan

On the first Sunday of each month over 40 vendors gather at the Mercado Urbano at La Ventana al Mar in Condado. There were white tents filled with locally grown flowers, fruit, coffee, pastries, breads and Puerto Rico made clothing, soaps and crafts.

We went straight for Hermanos Torres and the mixed berry smoothies and pina coladas.

The pina colada was garnished with own pineapple, adorned with maraschino cherries and a paper umbrella.

We were given the pineapple fruit to enjoy. So impeccably fresh and sweet.

The guava danishes were tempting and the pastries’ red purple hue were gorge.

We loved the skirt steak empanada served with chimichurri and the turkey empanada served with hot sauce.

I wish there were more guava pastries in the States. The guava cookies were buttery and had a guava jam filled center.

One of our favorite items at the Mercado was the Fried cheese with garlic mayo. We had to get two orders because we could not get enough of the garlic queso flavor.

The fried salt cod fritter or bacalaito was crispy on the outside and filled with cilantro, tomato and onion.

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