Bebo’s Cafe, Condado, San Juan

Bebo’s Cafe is a Puerto Rican institution and popular amongst locals and tourists, serving authenic Puerto Rican cuisine including mofongo and empanadillas.

Throughout the restaurant were colorful and surreal art pieces including our favorite one of Don Quixote.

The dining room is exceptionally spacious and filled with wooden chairs fit for families and smaller groups.

Bebo’s Cafe menu features rice and beans, pollo, pork, bistec, fish dishes with sides of plantains and tostones. We could not forget all the fried items and sweets.

The menu also has extensive jugos, frappes and batidas with papaya, mango, pineapple. We ordered a frozen pina coladas. The icy, sweet mix of coconut and pineapple was a great start to the meal and had a marachino cherry on top.

We loved sorullitos de maiz ($4.55). The lightly fried corn fritters tasted like an item you would enjoy at a carnival, it was similar to the exterior of a corn dog, but tender on the inside.

Our friend ordered the dorado fish which was very tender ($16.95). The pescado was full of flavor and surrounded by onions and colorful peppers.

The amarillos or fried ripe yellow plaintains ($3.25) were soft, lightly sweet and nicely caramelized.

My choripan sandwich ($5.50) was awesome. The lightly toasted pan de agua bread sandwiched bits of Spanish chorizo a la plancha. The slightly melted cheese, iceberg lettuce and tomato were great accoutrements for the flavorful and filling sandwich.

My friend’s pernil or oven roasted pork ($9.50) was a great combination of tender meat and delicious skin.This is definitely a favorite at Bebo’s.

I sampled my friend’s tostones or fried green plantains ($3.25) were lightly fried and nicely seasoned.

Bebo’s tantalizing dessert case included Cheese Cake Chocolates y Nueces, Cheese Cake Almendras and Flan de Queso. Although, we were too full for dessert, another time.

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