Agua Y Refresco, Coco, Parcha, Pina Helado, San Juan

The heat of Puerto Rico warranted many indulgences in icy treats to counteract the warmth. We enjoyed multiple agua y refresco, crushed ice and flavor syrup. There were many exotic flavors to choose from including suriname cherry, sour sop, tamarind, anise, guava, raspberry, pineapple and coconut.

The stand owner scraping ice by hand.

Walking through Old San Juan and at the El Morro forts, we needed multiple breads from the beating sun. The helado (sorbetto or ice cream) carts labeled Coco, Parcha and Pina were difficult to miss.

They price of a helado was approximately $1.00-$2.00 for a plastic cup. Each taste, we tried different flavor combinations. By far, my favorite of the combinations was  coco and pina (coconut and pineapple). Although the sorbet’s melted so quickly, the remaining liquid was still satisfying.

The parcha or passionfruit flavor was a nice shade of flamingo pink and super sweet, syrupy and cooling.

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