Luquillo Kiosks, Luquillo Beach

After a day trip to El Yunque rainforest, experiencing the waterfalls and noshing on roadside empanadas, we made our way to the beach side and the Luquillo food stands for more eats. Luquillo has from burgers to pizza, as well as Mexican and Puerto Rican. Some of our favorite food kiosks are El Rincon del Sabor, Vejigante, La Parilla and El Jefe Burger Shack.

This Luquillo Kiosks are a strip of Latin food stands, trucks and bars. This restaurant row was such a unique experience and a must do again. I would definitely go back again for fried foods, cold coconut juice, pinchos (kebabs) and the beach.

As we were wandering the stands, deciding which items we wanted to try, we could hear solid reggaeton beats pumping out in the near distance. Some of my favorite reggaeton tunes include the collaboration between Nina Sky and Daddy Yankee Oye Mei Canto, Daddy Yankee’s Le Que Paso, Paso and Don Omar’s Dale Don Dale and Wisin y Yandel’s Rakata. As we listened to the base, we enjoyed our fried foods frenzy of bacalaitos (cod fritters), piononos (plantains with meat) and empanadas.

Rice and pigeon peas and shrimp, crab and lobster fried dough

Next time, we hope to stop by Ceviche Hut for fresh ceviche and authentic Peruvian Cuisine.

We had to get more mofongo, plantains fried in drippings and filled with meat. The mofongo was layered in flavors, but was a heavy, yet delicious dish.

The ground meat filling was bountiful, tender and flavorful.

Although we weren’t huge fans of the morcilla, blood sausage. We could taste the liver and rice flavor, however we are glad we tried it.

Our favorite beverage in most tropical islands is the coco friyo. The refreshingly cold coconut contained cold juice. After we finished, the proprietor split open the coconut for us to enjoy the white coconut meat.

A trip to Luquillo was not finished without a sampling of sorullitos de maiz. The fried corn fritters had a corn dog-like flavor and is true Puerto Rican carnie food.

In addition to the sorullitos, we had empanada with lobster filling. Unfortunately, the lobster filling was not to fresh, next time we will stick to pollo or carne.

Some of the best barbequed pinchos (bbq chicken kebab with bread) was located at the Luquillo restaurants. As we were waiting, the proprietor’s five-year old daughter sold us even more pinchos, while her father grilled them. We didn’t mind her saleswoman efforts because the kebabs were so good. The meat was super tender, well marinated and fresh. 

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