Pinky’s, Condado, San Juan

Pinky’s, located near the Starbucks and Fuddruckers in Condado is one the best breakfast joints in PR. Hands down one of the best. The prices are perfect for the quality and fresh items Pinky’s offers and the service is impeccable, swift and not to mention amiable. No wonder there seems to always be a slight wait.

I am not sure how the kid theme and tongue and cheek style came to be, but the kitschy interior has a lot of personality. The inside does not have much seating.Most patrons sit outdoors and people watch.

Pinky’s serves juices such as fresh orange juice, parcha and acerola and fabulously named sandwiches such as Eat me (if you can), a grilled turkey, salami wrap with swiss or cheddar cheese and papaya vinaigrette or Thank ya very much kid’s sandwich, Classic peanut butter, banana and honey or Porno surfer a grilled turkey and mozzarella with fresh basil, tomato onion and pesto mayo and extra meat.

We enjoyed The Classic ($3) batidas with fresh Papaya and banana mixed with juice. Although refreshing, we wished the fruit smoothie  had more intense fruit flavor.

Our friend ordered The Classic as well ($3) but with milk and the flavor of the papaya and banana smoothie was even better. We were given the full blender so we could enjoy the remainder of the generous serving.

The Mallorca breakfast sandwich ($5.75) was heaven. The grilled mallorca dusted with powdered sugar, ham, three fried eggs and swiss cheese was the perfect combination. The sweetness of the mallorca bread with the saltiness of the ham and cheese was the ultimate. My mouth is watering.

We greatly enjoyed the Drunken Pilot ($6.00) a superb combination of four eggs, spinach, tomato, onion, basil, goat cheese, mushroom and pan de agua toast. The flavors of the basil, earth mushrooms and creamy goat cheese were perfectly paired with the airy melty cheese bread.

We had to order a cafe on leche ($1.00) and loved the mini black cup labeled drink me. The flavor was strong with the perfect amount of milk and foam.

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