Kasalta, Condado, San Juan (Revisited)

Yes, another trip to Kasalta. Kasalta’s dining area is cafeteria style, so we had to be quite strategic to find seating. Divide and conquer. Some of us hopped in line to order, while the remainder of the crew stayed at our table.

We just had to go back to Kasalta for desayuno. You just can not beat the variety of smoothies, deli sandwiches, tapas, cakes and pastries. However, Kasalta also serves tostadas and revoltillo de huevos (scrambled eggs) during limited breakfast hours.

The tortilla espanola looked perfectly golden and very tempting.

It was mesmerizing to watch the nimble work behind the pass. The Kasalta staff were artisans rapidly assembling sandwiches to meet the demand of the line.

A breakfast trip to Kasalta is not complete without a fresh fruit smoothie or batidas de frutas naturales. It was nice to have the option to blend additional juice or milk and choose the type of sweetener or none at all.

The mango shake was very sweet from the naturally ripe mango ($4.50).

I loved the hue of the Papaya shake and it looked even better with the cafe con leche.

The rovoltillo de huevos and pan de agua con queso was very popular in our group. The eggs were perfectly cooked and filled with chopped vegetables. The bread was lightly toasted and had melted cheese in the middle.

My choripan ($9.95) was filled with layers of ham and melted cheese and topped with a layer of thinly sliced chorizo. I could not finish the whole sandwich and saved the other half with the intention to enjoy when the chorizo oil seeped further into the sandwich components.

The media noche ($7.50) was another popular choice with generous layers of ham and turkey, cheese and pickles. The tang from the pickles really makes the sandwich come together.

One of the cakes devoured (in addition to tiramisu, not pictured) was a dense chocolate cake with cream. One bite was already quite filling, yet satisfying.

Next time, we will have to save more room for the multitude of Kasalta desserts from cakes to cookies. On our way out, we couldn’t help but notice the nice showing of flashy and fun cars. My favorite Isla Del Encanto cara was the 300E baby blue Benz.

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