Supermarkets: Puerto Rico

I really enjoy going to local supermarkets to get a sense of the snack food and items that seem unique to the culture of the location. In San Juan, we picked up several snacks and various local items that can not be found in the States.  I have purchased many of plantain chips at the Latin section of my supermarket, however these brand of Filler plantain chips.

Platanutures with garlic flavor are thin, crispy and really fun to snack on.

They look like banana chips, but not.

Caribas Mofongo Mix ChipsLU brand Panky Wafer cookies

Cans of Medalla beer and Medalla Light

El Morro flavored syrups for shaved ice

bimbo chip cookies

Bacalao (cod) products

The variety of Pepperidge farm freezer section cakes including German Chocolate, Orange Creme,  Devil’s Food and Key Lime and Golden.

Nestle Delicias pops and ice cream: tamarind, strawberry, mango, coconutCaramel custard

Other varieties of flan

The flan we took home to enjoy. It was creamy, custardy and sweet.

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