Bebidas: Don Q and Gasolina, San Juan

This post is legal drinking age eyes only. Americans, please stop reading if you are under 21 and Puerto Ricans under age 18!

Our numero uno favorite cocktail in Puerto Rico is Serralles Don Q Cristal rum and jugo de china (orange juice).

The mixture of orange juice with a smooth rum was a great combination.

My second favorite Puerto Rican beverage was Pan American Grain’s Gasolina Sangriiia. The triple I sangria is packaged in a purple and convenient, Capri Sun-like pack. The 7.5% alcohol by volume sangria blend was easy to consume with the nice combination of Caribbean Rum, acai and fruit juices.

Pan American Grain is sold exclusively in Puerto Rico and was recently given permission to export into Florida. Several friends wanted to take cases home in their check-in bags. We tried Sea Breeze, Original and Mojito, but Sangriiia was our favorite. The Sea Breeze has five times filtered and vodka with pink grapefruit and cranberry juice.

The Mojito had Caribbean Rum, Lemon Juice and other juices and the 11% alcohol by volume.Original flavor had Caribbean Rum, agave tequila and passion fruit.

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