Battery Jazz Bar, Fairmont Battery Wharf, North End, Boston

As a former resident of the North End, on Friday and Saturday evenings I would avoid the chaos of Hanover Street. By contrast, the outskirts of Little Italy’s wharf area is tranquil and almost too quiet in the evenings. We have visited the Fairmont Battery Wharf Hotel several times now for various events and love the ambiance. Also, we deeply enjoy the twinkle light lined entryway on the way to the hotel.

The Fairmont Battery Wharf‘s Battery Jazz Lounge features talented musicians Friday and Saturday evenings from 9pm until midnight andis a great alternative to Cambridge’s Ryles and Wally’s in the South End. The jazz bar seating is immediately upon entrance into the hotel and is adjacent to Aragosta Bar and Bistro. The lounge itself is idyllic for a relaxed evening of jazz.

We have visited the Beehive for jazz on several occasions and more recently to support our friend and talented musician Mark Zaleski. His newest musical iteration is himself, a pianist and drummer called Trioleski. These guys know how to riff, comp and make musical magic.

While enjoying the music, we enjoyed a Pete’s Summer ($5). The flavor of the beer was light and layered. Very cooling.

The Pete’s Nut ($5), was a bit heavier and had oak notes. This beer would be great with some fries or a burger.

The Arnold Palmer was a nice summer drink, a combination of half ice tea and house made lemonade. The drink itself was very concentrated from the lemonade, so we diluted it with a quarter glass of water ($5).

 Loved the glass art and angels’ wings hanging from the ceiling.

We would definitely return for some more jazz at the Wharf, especially when Trioleski is playing Friday evenings. We have yet to try the restaurant and would love to sample the Truffle Rigatoni with Warm Goat Cheese Fondue ($16), Warm Black Mission Figs Wrapped in Prosciutto, Gorgonzola Dolce ($13) and try two desserts ($8 each), the olive oil cake with limoncello sorbetto and the fried zeppoles.

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