Hing Shing Pastry, Chinatown, Boston (Revisited)

We can not sing enough praise for Hing Shing Pastry (BMH’s review Hing Shing Pastry), which is located near the Chinatown gate. The yellow and red emblazoned sign can not be missed.

One of Hing Shing’s signatures is a beef curry pie. Ground beef curry filling encased in layers of savory pastry. It is one of our sister’s all time favorites and is just a little over a $1.00.

The cream horns are filled with lightly sweetened whip cream and layer of dough.

The bakery’s almond cookies, sesame savory biscuits and fortune cookies are fresh and prepacked ready for pick up.

In the store window are the red bean pies and coconut pies are just a $1.00 and larger almond and walnut cookies. The yellow, cracked cookies are nutty, rich and crumble upon first bite.

Since their warm pork buns and baos were all out , they just had cold ones, we had to pick up a selection of curry pies, puffs and meat turnovers. Hing Shing never dissapoints.

Hing Shing Pastry on Urbanspoon

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