101 Bakery, Chinatown, Boston

101 Bakery is an adorable Asian bakery, located next to Gourmet Dumpling House (BMH’s review of Gourmet Dumpling House) and one of our go to’s for breads, cream filled pastries and more Japanese style baked goods.

Similar to Japonaise Cafe and Bakery, 101 Bakery has with an extensive selection of pastries filled with custard, creams and mochi. Their slices of cakes are layered, full of jellies, fruit and whipped cream. The cakes have fun shades of all colors of the rainbow.

Many of the fluffy breads, cookies and pastries are already sealed in clear packaging.

We love the airy sponge cakes, jelly rolls and green tea cakes.

101 also has taro cakes, curry filled flakey pastries and hot dog filled buns.

We could not help ourselves and had to get a large sponge cake. The soft, tender, lightly sweetened cake was so airy.

The almond thins are also another favorite. Similar to a flattened tuille, the very crisp cookies have slivers of almonds.

They are absolutely lovely with tea and have a faint similarity in terms of flavor to a thinner, nutty fortune cookie.

101 Bakery on Urbanspoon

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