East Ocean City, Chinatown, Boston

Over the years, East Ocean City has been one of our family favorites for large celebrations and apparently it is for many as well.

Our father loves East Ocean City’s fried fish and extensive seafood dishes. In fact, EOC is known for their twin lobster with ginger and scallioin.

The popular Beach Street seafood restaurant has become overwhelmingly busy. Although the food still is executed well, the service is harried and we felt as if we were being pushed out to turnaround tables.

Throughout the restaurant, there are several fish tanks full of exotic species.

We started with complimentary oolong tea and pickled vegetables. Our father had so much to choose from including noodles, beef, of course seafood, a variety of dishes from tofu to fish to baby bok choy.

We deeply enjoyed the pan fried Baby Bok Choy with garlic for $9.25. The mini Chinese cabbages glistened and had a nice flavor. We couldn’t stop eating them and would order them again.

The Sliced Beef with String Bean, Mushrooms and Onions ($6.00) was covered in a thin pepper gravy. The tender beef went well with the onions, earthy mushrooms and blanched string beans.

The Pan Fried Jumbo shrimp with shell and head ($14.95) was nicely dusted in corn starch and lightly fried. The seasoning enhanced the salty flavor of the shrimp and the multitude of textures from the edible shell and tail was fanstastic. The best aspect of the shrimp are the heads full of creamy innards.

Our little brother’s favorite, Spicy Salted Spare Ribs ($11.25) had a nice spicy salt crust surrounding tender meat. The spare ribs were tasty.

One of our favorites are the Fried Stuffed Bean Curd ($11.50) topped with green onion and a light gravy. The tender tofu inside was soft and creamy and the exterior had a nice skin.

The Roasted Chicken with bone ($13.40) had flavorful soy skin, tender chicken meat and came with fried shrimp chips. Unfortunately, the light pastel shrimp chips were stale.

A true delicacy, we sampled the fried, battered anchovies. The thin, salty anchovies    came with fried wonton crisps.

Our father’s favorite, the Pan Fried Sole with Ginger and Scallion was divided by our waiter and in a flavorful sweet soy sauce. The slivers of scallions and ginger covered the fish. Surprisingly this sole was full of white beady roe. Although I am a fan of caviar and tobiko, not so much on cooked roe.

The complimentary tapioca and yam soup was lightly sweet and warming.

Overall, our meal at East Ocean City was tasty and solid food. Hopefully, the next time we visit we go on an off hour when there can be a higher level of service.

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