The Butcher Shop, South End, Boston

The Butcher Shop has been a long-time favorite in the South End. Under Barbara Lynch’s management (BMH reviews of Sportello and No. 9), the meat centric boucherie and well stocked wine bar has great ambiance and is always packed. We loved the display of decanters, wine and stemware.

The selection of wine is impressive at TBS. Over 100 wines and we had to try several for our snack.

The red sparkling wine was a first for me, besides making our own tintos at home or enjoying a red wine and seltzer at Toro. The mouth feel of the deep red wine was so enjoyable, definitely get this and I would return again.

The crusty and tender baguette, denser bread served with softened butter and delectable honey was fantastic. We enjoyed the honey butter with the bread, as well as the bread with our charcuterie. 

The menu is filled with terrines, antipasti, charcuterie and a nice rotation of daily specials. The entrees include steaks, side dishes and an ever changing menu of artisanal cheeses.

We both went for the Petite Charcuterie ($15 each person) excluding pate for my friend. We had a nice mix of prociutto, mortadella, sopressata, rosette de Lyon and salami. Each had a different flavor, size and texture. Our favorite was the prociutto. Melt in your mouth amazing.

The refrigerator was full of foie, local beef, deli meat and on the butcher blog were loaves of crusty baguettes.

We were eyeing The Butcher Shop’s specials including cannelloni, Colorado Lamb with cauliflower, romenesco and polenta for $30. They all looked tempting. The Butcher Shop also served various steaks ranging from $18 for the hangar to the generous sized $50 steaks. We would definitely return to try the specials, more sparkling red wine  and housemade hot dog with rosemary potato chips.

The Butcher Shop on Urbanspoon

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