House of Siam, South End, Boston

House of Siam is a lovely South End restaurant with two locations, one on Columbus Avenue, the other located on Tremont’s Restaurant Row. One can not miss the red umbrellas al fresco on a nice afternoon or the twinkle lights at dusk.

House of Siam is one of our favorite haunts for Thai take out or an evening dining in for unparalleled Thai hospitality. The simple room has nice decorative touches and gold statues.

The dining room has a lot of plant life and flower arrangements.

We started our meal with a very sweet, orange hued Thai Ice Tea ($2.00).

The Pad Thai ($10.95) had delicate pan-fried rice noodles with bits of eggs, tender chicken, mixed with green onions, beans sprouts and a generous sprinkling of ground peanuts. The balanced flavor of the ingredients were pleasant on the palate and very enjoyable. We love ordering their pad thai.

The Crispy Pad Thai  ($11.95) had a different type of noodle from the regular rice noodle pad thai. The super crispy yellow noodles brought a distinct textural contrast to the base of chicken, shrimp, scallions, bean sprouts and ground peanuts. We prefer regular rice noodle pad thai to crispy pad thai, because of the texture, but it was still very tasty.

One of our favorite Thai desserts are fried bananas and House of Siam does this dessert well. Their Fried Banana is served with a drizzling of sweet honey and sprinkled with sesame ($3.95). No ice cream, nor condensed milk, which would mask the delicate banana flavor. The crispy exterior of the egg roll wrapped encased a smooth and soft ripe banana. The banana center was melt in your mouth. Delicious. If we had an outdoor fryer, we would make them all the time.

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