224 Boston Street, Dorchester

Beyond the hustle and bustle of the city, neighborhood eateries like Dorchester’s 224 Boston Street lure in customers with good food and playful atmosphere. It’s a brilliant example of Dorchester’s area diversity: old, young, gay and straight, émigrés and locals. The décor in many ways reflects the crowd- eclectic and diverse- where nothing matches completely. This idea is echoed in the lighting choices, the tableware and the paintings provided by local artists. The menu, however, is smart. You can find your favorite comfort foods here- burgers, pizza, meatloaf, swordfish, roast chicken, steak. The wine list complements the food by being affordable and off beat- South America and Slovenia show up alongside the Californian and South African labels.



The outdoor patio area has a lovely garden. It may be small but has a lot of character.



There’s a lot of different kinds artwork on the walls to keep you interested and looking around.


Lobster Sliders $6 Each- Maine lobster, pickled radish, buttery brioche

This appetizer was a good starter because there was a good amount of fresh lobster meat but I wish the bread was toasted and buttered.


Hanger Steak $24- Scalloped potatoes, Arugula, smoked onion jam

The steak was cooked to medium as ordered and glazed with a sweet soy BBQ sauce. The scalloped potatoes were well seasoned but the top layer needed to be re-broiled for more crunch.


Salmon $23- Warm spinach and lentil salad, tomato confit and bacon vinaigrette

This salmon dish was simply prepared but the execution was perfect. The salmon was flaky and not overcooked or greasy from pan searing. The tomato confit went well with the salmon.


Pan Seared Duck Breast $24- White Bean Ragu, Lardons, Market vegetables, Beurre Rogue and salad

The duck breast was good but the skin needed more time to render off some fat to become crispy. The one thing we keep looking for in Boston is an amazing duck breast with a scored crispy skin.

224 Boston Street is a fun, eclectic place with solid food. The interior, exterior and outdoor seating is a huge plus because it makes you think you are in Provincetown or even Portland, Maine. It’s a wonderful place to have a meal and we can’t wait to go with friends again.

224 Boston Street
Dorchester, MA 02125

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