Smart Cook, Thai Cookery School, Chiang Mai

Smart Cook, Thai Cookery School was an interactive, informative class which we highly suggest to any visitor of Chiang Mai, especially the short express class. Even with an abridged version of the class, we were overly stuffed by all our dishes and sampling our classmates dishes. We enjoyed making and sampling a wide array of popular Thai dishes including papaya salad, pad thai, chicken coconut soup, spring rolls, curry and banana egg rolls.

Our friendly instructor spoke fluent English, was very patient and explained the origins of ingredients and the Thai cooking philosophy. We selected which multi-course dishes we wanted to make and enjoy for lunch and dessert.  We prepped all the ingredients from fish sauce, coconut milk to papaya to curry paste, in an outdoor area, before we went to our woks and the outdoor kitchen area.

As we learned about how to make our own dishes, the other classmates dishes were explained so we learned the basics of every dish in the recipe book. This made the experience more fun to see what other items could be made with similar ingredients.  Participants receive a recipe book, which was a nice way to practice back home. After experiencing Smart Cook, we realized how fresh and easy it is to prepare Thai dishes and that we shouldn’t be ordering from restaurants when we can make all the delicious food at home.

2 thoughts on “Smart Cook, Thai Cookery School, Chiang Mai

  1. I went to this Smart Cook Thai cookery school as well during my last visit to Chiang Mai. Wonderful course. I just loved the little fried bananas. What dish was your favorite? I learned how to make so many lovely curries as well. Take care, bAM

    1. Loved the course as well. For the appetizers, loved the fried spring rolls, the green curry was flavorful and of course the fried bananas. Delicious. We have many dishes to recreate at home and entertain with now!

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