Cameo Macaron Food Truck, Boston

Here at BakingMeHungry headquarters, we have an obsession with macarons. They’re one of our favorite delicate confections. We caught the Cameo Macaron food truck at the corner of Stuart Street and Trinity Place in Back Bay the other Friday afternoon. Cameo Macaron is a new food truck for 2014 that will be in business for almost 3 months soon. This pretty playful pink food truck is the business baby of Northeastern graduate and former Talbots retail buyer Kinesha Golden. She fell in love with macarons during her study abroad in Paris. Although Golden initially made the macarons herself, she now works with a local pastry chef to help with large quantities.



How cute is this decal? I love the macaron print on her skirt.


A single macaron is $2.50, six for $15, a dozen for $29 and 24 for $56. You can place large orders and pick them up at the food truck. Or of you have a large event such as a baby shower, wedding etc. you can contact Kinesha directly through her website.

They have a wide variety of flavors to chose from. Unfortunately for me they were out of the following five flavors when I stopped by- lemon tart, rose, white chocolate, vanilla, and passion fruit. We got peanut butter & jelly, espresso, black currant, pistachio, salted caramel, and raspberry to try.



The macarons come with business card with care instructions on the back that state:

“Our macarons are made fresh daily of the finest quality ingredients.

For best results, they should be refrigerated and enjoyed within 5-7 days or frozen for up to 4 weeks.

Macarons are best served at room temperature. If storing in a refrigerator, allow approximately 10 minutes for the macarons to reach room temperature. If being stored in a freezer, allow approximately 30 minutes for the macarons to reach room temperature.”


Kinesha suggested the peanut butter and jelly macaron and she was spot on. It was delicious. It was the first pb & j one we have had and we highly recommend it. The sweet jam and salty peanut butter were well balanced.


The pistachio flavor was good but we wish there was more of a pronounced pistachio flavor.


The salted caramel was my sister’s favorite. It was very rich and buttery with a subtle hint of salt.


My favorite was the espresso bean flavor. The flavor was well rounded, not to sweet or heavy.


The black currant was great despite being a little crushed from my tote bag. The currant flavor was noticeable and the macarons wasn’t too sweet.


The raspberry macaron was also very good. I liked that there was a slice of raspberry jelly holding the macaron together instead of buttercream.

We wish them much more future success and will definitely be stopping by to try the other flavors.

Cameo Macaron
Mobile Food Truck
Boston, MA

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