Elephant Nature Park, North of Chiang Mai

Happy Independance Day and 4th of July!

We loved our experience at the Elephant Nature Park which conducts day visits and hosts volunteers. We were transported from the city, to Northern Chiang Mai. Lek, the founder and an absolute heroine saves, adopts and rescues mistreated or abused elephants. It is a sanctuary for elephants or as Lek calls it, Elephant Heaven.

I’d like to quote my travel companion and her elegant words. “This is Jokia. I spent most of my time with her. She is blind after being abused terribly by her owner. In her previous life, she was a logging elephant before it was declared illegal in Thailand, at which time she was abandoned because she was too expensive to feed. Now she lives in the Elephant Park and has a best friend – Mae Perm, who stays with her and acts as her eyes.”

Watermelon, squash, bananas, pineapple mix depending on elephant’s age and digestion system.

Elephants are gentle, loyal and beautiful creatures. We were so touched by each of the elephant’s stories.

The Elephant Nature Park also houses stray dogs and cats on the reserve.

All the volunteers and visitors sat down to an all vegetarian meal full of curries, fruit, noodles and Thai dishes.
The noodles, cabbage, stir fry vegetables, lychee fruit, pineapple was a bounty of dishes and treats. We felt full, satiated and grateful to have this thought provoking experience.

We bathed our elephant friend until it used the river as a bathroom. I ran from the river immediately upon excretion.

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