Mi Pueblito Restaurant, East Boston

Mi Pueblito is a colorful authentic Salvadoran restaurant nearby Logan airport. They make delicious inexpensive Salvadoran fare that is very family friendly. Like most Spanish restaurants in the area, the food is a mix of different Latin American styles, though it definitely leans towards El Salvadoran. The menu in has a mix of each type of cuisine from El Salvador, Mexico and Guatemala. Mi Pueblito has such an extensive menu that we had trouble choosing our orders. There are so many options- dinner plates with steak, venison, pork, and chicken, a raw bar with oysters, clams, and ceviche, and a la carte options like burritos, tacos, and pupusas. They also serve up batidos, shakes made from frozen fruit; margaritas; micheladas made from beer, lime and tomato juice; and even maragronas, basically margaritas with the Corona added inside.

The decor inside is colorful and fun. The hand carved wood booths are decorated with a sunflower design in yellow and red. Tin-type pictures decorate the walls and there is the most technologically advanced jukebox I have ever seen on the back wall. There are many large flat screen TVs for you to watch UFC or soccer in Spanish. There was a slight language barrier with our original waitress, but nothing horrible that we couldn’t figure it out in the end.  There is a very small parking lot next to the building. We opted for street parking because we didn’t want to do a multi-point turn.


You know you are eating South American fare when you see the bright green El Yucatero hot sauce with the other condiments.


Complimentary salsa, cilantro guacamole and tortilla chips

When you sit down, they bring out a basket of freshly fried corn tortilla chips and some homemade salsa. The guacamole is somewhat thinned out from a blend of lime juice and cilantro. The salsa is freshly made from tomatoes, bell peppers, onions and has a pleasant kick from the hot peppers.


Pina colada

The house made pina colada is one of the best I have ever had. It is not overly sweet or artificially flavored. I can only imagine what it would be like with rum added.


Yucca and chicarron

Fried yucca and chicarron is a classic appetizer. Usually it is some protein of choice with fried yucca. Here you get golden rich deep fried pork belly with chunks of starchy yucca goodness. Be careful as it arrives piping hot and it needs some time to cool before eating.


Churrasco/Argentinian-style grilled steak- Served with rice, beans and pico de gallo

The grilled Argentinan style steak was flavorful and cooked to medium as asked. The split sausage was also delicious but we weren’t sure what kind of protein it was made of.


Camarones a la diabla, very spicy Devil’s sauteed shrimp- Served with rice and salad

Although the waitress warned us that it was spicy, let’s be real, it wasn’t spicy in the slightest. It was heavily spiced but not heat spicy. Again, we’re used to eating whole hot peppers with our food. Nonetheless, it was a tasty dish. The shrimp were tender and the sauce went well with the white rice and salad.


Taco lengua, taco camarones, taco pollo, todos con aguacate

We tried three different kinds of tacos, all with avocado. At $2.75 each for the beef tongue and chicken, and $5 for the shrimp, how can you go wrong? The tacos were freshly made and simply prepared with onion, cilantro and a lime wedge. My favorite were the shrimp and chicken because they were flavorful. The beef tongue was good but a touch overcooked.


Pupusa reveulta, filled with ground pork and cheese

A pupusa is a traditional Salvadoran dish made of a thick, handmade corn tortilla that is usually filled with a blend of cheese and ground pork that is pan seared on a hot pan. Pupusas are typically served with curtido– a lightly fermented cabbage slaw with red chilies and vinegar- and a watery tomato salsa. Mi Pueblito’s version is authentic and very good. We happily shared our order but wanted to order another despite being full.

We had a wonderful dinner and want to come back to explore the menu further but most of all to try the sopa de mariscos, a saffron infused seafood soup chock full of shrimp, fish, mussels and lobster. We saw another customer’s order and it looked delicious.

Mi Pueblito
333 Border Street
East Boston, MA

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