Maxwell’s 148, Natick

Maxwell’s 148 is a hidden Metrowest gem of a restaurant located on Route 135 in Natick, MA. They specialize in Asian-Italian fusion. Sometimes you can see Chef Mitchell Maxwell himself, checking up on tables, adding a personal touch to a dining experience.

This restaurant has even been briefly featured in one of Meg Ryan’s movies because of the unique and lovely interior.

The bar area is quiet and intimate yet small.

The large M on the bread plates makes sure to indicate you’re at Maxwell’s and no other place.

Once you have been seated, they bring over a bread basket and dips. In the bread basket are crispy wonton strips and pita bread that are accompanied by sweet chili dipping sauce and hummus respectively.

Black Fig Vodka Martini

This is Maxwell’s 148’s signature drink. They make the infused fig vodka in house. It’s superb. The sweetness of the fig vodka is not overpowering. The blue cheese olives that come with it are truly fabulous. You can buy the fig vodka now at liquor stores as Black Tie Vodka.

Special appetizer- chicken livers sauteed with mushrooms $11

This was an appetizer special on our visit. One of us fiercely adores offal so it was a no-brainer really. The soft chicken livers and meaty mushrooms were sauteed in butter, a little wine and garnished with plenty of parsley, cilantro and basil.

Crab Curry Bowl $6 Kaffir-Lime crab, Thai red curry-coconut sauce, basil, cilantro & peanuts

This was my sister’s favorite appetizer as she loves shellfish. It was very flavorful from the curry and other spices. The coconut milk helped tame the heat from the curry. There were generous lumps of crab.

Maxwells 10 oz Kobe Pub $19- Applewood​ smoked bacon & blue cheese with hand cut fries, onion strings & Maxwell’s special sauce

We decided to split the Kobe beef burger because we didn’t want to overeat. Kobe beef is always a treat. The burger came out cooked to our ordered medium rare and smelled very good. There wasn’t much crust on the patty. The crispy bacon was the highlight. The blue cheese was a bit much because it was fairly strong and took away from the Kobe beef patty. However, we can honestly say that $19 is a lot when we can get the Craigie’s burger which has a cult following for $18. I understand Kobe beef is expensive but other than the cost of beef, the bun is standard and the special sauce is not that special.

The service can be hit or miss depending on the wait staff, but please don’t let it be a deterrent because we’ve had several great servers who do a lovely polite job. They charge big city prices which also can be shocking. However, if you sign up for their email newsletter, Maxwell’s 148 often has some amazing early dinner deals and offers meal delivery if you live nearby.

Maxwell’s 148
148 East Central Street
Natick, MA 01760

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