Strip T’s, Watertown- Dinner

Strip T’s is a restaurant that has a menu that is always evolving. We have really enjoyed our meals at the Watertown restaurant because there’s always something new to try. It’s a wonderful unique local eatery that can be popular among foodies and food industry people.

Strip T’s is a small restaurant with two rooms- a bar and dining area. The decor is simple and functional. The bar mimics this theme. There are blackboards displaying the specials, the regular menu and the desserts.

I started with a Virgil’s root beer, which is made in Maine. It was very good and not too carbonated.

We decided to try the much hyped about Moxie wings. They were tasty but the Moxie sauce was a bit to sweet. I can handle the stickiness but too much sugar made the sauce a bit cloying. The chicken meat itself was tender and delicious.

The roasted cauliflower appetizer was my favorite item the entire dinner. The cauliflower is something I would rave to others about if they wanted to come here. It’s a dish I’d attempt to recreate at home because I think it is so memorable and it uses simple fresh ingredients. The tangy crunch from the pickled onions went well with the crispy crunchy golden cauliflower and creamy bits of cheese.

This was the housemade sausage with quinoa. I really liked the sausage because it was a blend of pork but the quinoa was bland. The pickled baby beets saved me from disliking the dish completely however. A good squirt of hot sauce would have done the trick.

This was the smoked bluefish special. This was my second favorite of the evening. The strong smoky oiliness of the bluefish was tempered by the creaminess of the labne. The crunch from the cucumbers and radishes added a nice textural contrast when you chewed.

As a complimentary sweet ending to dinner they gave us mini cardamom marshmallows. The cardamom flavor was very pronounced in a good way.

We love coming to Strip T’s amd we will be back. On our return trip, we’d love to try the foot-on fried chicken, Japanese sweet potato fries, Strip T’s burger, the chocolate pots de creme and of course, more cauliflower.

Strip T’s
93 School Street
Watertown, MA 02472

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