Foodler and Chili Duck

After recounting favorite memories from BangkokChiang Mai and Phuket, we were yearning for a taste of Thailand here in Boston. Ordering a bit of pad thai instead of making noodles ourselves and fried rice (BMH’s fried rice) would whisk us back to South East Asia and the Land of the Smiles in no time.

We have used the very convenient take order and delivery website Foodler from  Thai Basil (BMH’s review Foodler and Thai Basil), another local Thai restaurant and were excited to order again.  This time we decided to change it up and go for Chilli Duck (BMH’s review of Chilli Duck).

The Foodler website is highly navigable, quick to use and we can specify special instructions (as we did here, since one of us was vegetarian and wants to enjoy the pad thai, without the chicken, however we still wanted the chicken!)

Chilli Duck offers free delivery and we quickly added the tip amount, no signing paperwork or additional work on our end. We added specific instructions to buzz the door to the unit, an email confirmation was sent  and in 40 minutes, a take out bag was in our hands.

We were very pleased the chicken was in a separate on the side, as requested.

The pineapple fried rice was filled with slivers of onions, chucks of pineapple, raisins, scrambled egg, bell peppers and a touch of very mild curry powder.spicy for $9.95. The sweet and savory rice was very fresh, aromatic and really a nice balance of curry flavor.

Chilli Duck’s Pad Thai had perfectly stir-fried rice noodles (unlike our rendition of Pad Thai) with bits of fluffy egg, bean sprouts and green scallions, topped with nutty ground peanuts. We love the light sweetness and pad thai here.

For our vegetarian friend, instead of chicken, we substituted in some delicious Trader Joe’s Chicken Less Mandarin Orange Chicken.

For the omnivore, the chicken on the side. The combination of noodles, rice and a bit of protein really made us miss Thailand and the tremendous food and hospitality.

We really prefer Chilli Duck and Foodler as our go to’s for Thai and for takeout. With Foodler, the extra Foodler Bucks earned are a great incentive to keep using the easy service. The website itself is very straight forward and we could quickly search which restaurants were delivering in our neighborhood, what restaurants offer free delivery and which places have extra discounts.

Disclosure: We received $15 in Foodler Bucks through Boston Food Bloggers. Khob-kun-Ka (thank you!) to both Foodler and Rachel, Boston Food Bloggers fearless leader. All opinions and views expressed are our own. 

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