Georgetown Cupcakes, Newbury Street, Back Bay, Boston

We’ve been converted! Watch out Sweet Cupcakes, Lulu’s Sweet Shop, Kickass Cupcakes TruckGeorgetown Cupcakes is in town and we could not be more happy. Georgetown cupcake store recently came to Boston next to the Ralph Lauren and L’Aroma Cafe.

We can not help enjoying the little dramas during the DC Cupcake reality show with the sisters’ cupcake creations, their mommy’s doc Poochi and all the teen aged staff. We absolutely love how charitable the company and the sisters are and their constant support of non-profit events and causes.

We are fans of all the sisterly squabbles between the Georgetown Cupcakes sister/founders. We completely empathize with the sister dynamic on the show DC Cupcakes on TLC. We have yet to pick up Sophie and Katherine’s new cookbook Cupcake Diaries to make their recipes for frosting and cakes and are dying to get our paws on the secret recipes.

Georgetown Cupcakes are made fresh every day and are never more than a few hours old.  The butter cream and frosting are so fresh, perfectly fluffy and lightly sweet. Each flavor has been unbelievable and makes us want more.

Red velvet is one of the most popular cupcakes in the store, but there is a nice variety of flavors.

As we were waiting for our cupcakes to be placed into our boxes (a separate one for the gluten-free cupcake), we saw the trays of fresh cupcakes and the bedazzled Kitchen Aid.

We decided to pick up a half a dozen ($15 or $2.75 each) a few weeks after the store opened on Newbury Street. We love the bright pink boxes and swirly black and white stickers.

Unfortunately, it was a super hot day, and we ran errands thereafter, so the frosting slide a little bit off the cake and the cupcakes were a bit topsy turvy and inverted on their sides. Nevertheless, the cakes were still unreal.

The Seasonal Strawberry tasted like Strawberry ice cream and strawberry muffin combined. The strawberry flavor was refreshing and very good.

Milk Chocolate cupcake with Classic Madagascar Bourbon vanilla cake
topped with a milk chocolate buttercream frosting and rainbow sprinkles

Red Velvet is Georgetown Cupcake’s signature cupcake — classic red velvet cupcake with a vanilla cream cheese frosting topped with a red fondant heart. We really liked the cream cheese frosting because it had a nice cheesy and lightly sweet flavor.

Gluten-free Lava Fudge Gluten-free version of Georgetown Cupcake’s signature lava fudge cupcake, topped with an orange fondant flower

The chocolate brownie cupcake had a cute fondant flower and milk chocolate frosting. The fudgey brownie was really chocolatey, satisfying and had lovely bits of chocolate throughout. The toffee crunch had a light frosting and a nice caramel flavor.

Another visit and still, one cupcake went off kilter! We need to figure out a way to be more dainty in our carrying.

The red velvet frosting is just so good. Every bit of cream cheese frosting needed to be saved and placed on the red velvet cake.

The peanut butter chip cupcake was ultra peanut buttery. The chips and chocolate were so tasty and the frosting was like eating sweet  and fluffy peanut butter out of a jar.

The hazelnut cupcake was covered in hazelnut goodness. We love everything chocolate and hazelnut

We can not reiterate enough that every person we have shared these cupcakes would verbally make sounds of delight. These really are special cupcakes. Georgetown has some of the most creative, fresh, luscious frostings we have ever sampled and then devoured. We are heading to DC in a few short weeks and can not wait to see if the rumored one hour wait outside the Georgetown store is true and makes a difference on the taste and experience.

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