Guest Post: Hungry Games: Peaches’ Kitchen—Caribbean Cuisine, DC Style

This will be our first, but certainly not the last guest post. We recently reconnected with a long time and dear friend in La Isla del Encanto and especially enjoyed our trip to Crashboat Beach. We have made ribbon belts and ate Magic Muffins together. 

Hungry Games is a lovely writer, a voracious reader and she also has awesome curls. It was only a matter of time in which she was to write a food post and we are glad she wants to share on BMH.  Hope everyone enjoys her fun and inspired perspective in the DC arena and HG’s food adventures. With no further ado…Hello Hungry Games.

On a recent vacation to Puerto Rico with one of the BMH ladies, I was truly honored when she invited me to try my hand at guest blogging. Although I would not consider myself to have an expert palate, I do love to eat, and I love seeking out new experiences. So, food blogging about my restaurant adventures in DC is giving me a great excuse to do both of those things (and to sample food from everyone’s plates, in the interest of being an “informed” blogger).

Craving some Caribbean food after returning from the beach, I decided to venture out to Manor Park to try Peaches’ Kitchen (well, in reality, there was a Scoutmob deal and the lure of a $5 dinner is what really got me all the way to the far reaches of the Red Line.)

The restaurant, located at 6214 3rd Street, NW, was about a fifteen minute walk from the Takoma Park Metro station (I don’t have a car, so I have to rely on my BMW—bike, metro, walk—to get anywhere in this city.) The neighborhood of the restaurant was not particularly cute, but the window was inviting and a little quirky.

The bright colors on the walls and napkins, and the artificial flowers on all the tables gave the restaurant a very cheerful ambience.

The server was very friendly, and I think may have been a niece of Peaches, the restaurant’s proprietor and chef. She helped us navigate the menu. I ended up with homemade raspberry iced tea to drink (tangy and very, very sweet, but refreshing).

Each entrée came with two sides, so there was plenty of food. I had the tilapia stuffed with shrimp and crab meat, with a side of collard greens and cooked cabbage. It was tasty. The fish had a nice spice to it, but it was subtle, and most of the flavor came from the seafood. The greens and cabbage tasted as greens and cabbage should.

My friend ordered the Jamaican jerk chicken with a side of broccoli and cheese and curried chick peas. I love spicy food, and that chicken set my mouth on fire! It was my favorite item on the table. We were both a little disappointed with the cheez whiz style cheese on the broccoli, but the chick peas had a nice curried flavor to them.

Although the food was good and definitely abundant and affordable, the service was rather slow. We waited an hour for our meal to arrive even though we were one of the only tables in the restaurant. We were informed half an hour after ordering that one of our sides (mac and cheese) was out, so we had to substitute in another side. Then, shortly after, we were told that another one of our side orders (sugared sweet potatoes) was also out.

Verdict: good spot to try if you want comforting Jamaican food to fill your belly, are flexible with your order, and really want to be on island time. I would go back if I had a reason to, but I have a feeling I won’t be venturing that far out again, unless I’m REALLY craving that jerk chicken.

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