Au Bon Pain, Copley Place, Back Bay, Boston

It has sometime since we had a proper sandwich at Au Bon Pain. We love the egg white and cheddar breakfast sandwiches, the perfect starter for the day. For years a large tomato soup was a staple for lunch, and the brie, fruit and cracker Portions as a great snack.

The Copley Place Au Bon Pain is spacious and has lovely lighting. We really like the outdoor space overlooking the Back Bay area and the last hour before closing hour baked goods sale.

Au Bon Pain has had a new cafe menu with new sandwiches, wraps and salads introduced, and even more appreciated, their calories listed. Initially, we were going to order a Boston favorite, the Grilled Chicken Avocado sandwich on a toasted baguette or the Chicken Cobb Salad, however  we noticed the New Lobster Salad BLT on brioche and had to try.

We were mesmerized by the sandwich making process. The staff are so quick and happy to accommodate special requests like extra avocado, make a sandwich into a wrap or anything one could dream of to customize their meal.

The Lobster Salad BLT looked quite appetizing and was $12.99. The salad is made with 100% claw & knuckle meat, lite mayo, mesclun and sliced tomatoes topped with diced Applewood Smoked Bacon served on toasted Brioche.

The balance of creamy mayo, leafy mesclun, sliced medallions of red tomato and crispy bacon with the lobster salad was perfect. The only two adjustments we hoped for was a squeeze of fresh lemon juice for an additional summery brightness and acidity, and instead of a brioche, we would have loved a warm toasted and buttered baguette for additional texture.

We have made a lobster roll at home (BMH’s Lobster Rolls), cracking the lobster shells, warming the buttered hot dog bun, and those additions would make this sandwich worth the destination.

Disclaimer: We received our meal courtesy of Au Bon Pain, however our opinions and views expressed are our own.

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