Symeons, Yorkville, New York

We have heard glowing reviews from several sources now who have visited Symeons on multiple visits and have enjoyed the Moussaka and other Greek dishes. We have tried Greek food in Chicago and Symeons beat Athena in Greektown, Chicago hands down.

Symeons faced a fire a few years ago, rebuilt and has continued to be so popular in the community. (Pun intended, not sure if it was a grease fire (Greece get it?!)

The calamarakia tiganita was one of the best fried calamaris eaten. The baby squid dipped in Symeon’s original batter and deep fried to a crisp golden brown and sprinkled with Symeon’s seasonings for $9.95. The perfectly seasoned batter was super light, lighter than Japanese tempura and really tasty.

The saganaki was a unique blend of bubbling Kasseri cheese and Greek sausages, seasoned with ouzo, oregano and lemon for $6.95. The greek sausages were aromatic from the fennel and had a nice chew. The cheese itself was hot upon arrival to the table, however started to solidify and become stringy for the lavash.

The Greek Salad was one of the best Greek salads we have ever eaten. The Crisp lettuce, combined with onions, tomatoes, Calamata olives and Feta cheese were exponentially special with the house dressing made with oil and vinegar based seasoned with Symeon’s Spice Mix for $4.95.The well marinated, super tender Chicken ka-bob was charbroiled and the skewer of green and red bell peppers, onions, yellow squash, and zucchini all were so delicious. The  rice pilaf sprinkled with lemon juice was heaven for $12.95.

The Lamb chops were a hit and the select cuts of fresh lean lamb chops were nicely charbroiled and garnished with lemon, Symeon’s seasonings, and stuffed grape leaves. The rice pilaf was exceptionally made, nicely flavored and had little bits of vegetables for $22.95.

Psari Sto Filo, a fresh haddock fillet, smothered in a creamy white wine, mushroom and cream cheese sauce, and wrapped in filo pastry for $15.95. The center filling was piping hot and continued to hold the temperature very well. The wine and cream sauce was very luscious and decadent. the haddock was very flakey and enjoyed the puff.

For our ride home, we ordered some sandwiches to go. All sandwiches are wrapped in Greek flat bread and dressed with tomatoes, onions and yogurt sauce. The gyro itself was really flavorful and had tender meat, however too much bread.

The Souvlaki sandwich, with marinated Greek Shish-ka-bob charbroiled for $5.95 was so good. We wish there were a few more nuggets of well seasoned shish-ka bob and less lavash. The Thracian chicken, marinated breast of tender grilled chicken was a disappointment and was a bit dry. The sandwiches overall had too much bread and not enough protein $5.95.

There are several dishes not pictured, that our group seemed to enjoy including the tilapia florentine was stuffed with spinach and Feta cheese, topped with Symeon’s pita bread crumbs and baked with a taste of white wine and served with rice pilaf for $14.95. The Melitzanes Yesmites Sto Fourno or baked eggplant casserole was very cheesy with Feta cheese, then layered with a medley of simmered vegetables, and topped with grated Kasseri cheese for $11.95.

Our little friend enjoyed some chicken tenders, three strips of battered chicken breast lightly fried with fries and yogurt sauce $5.95.

We were all quite happy and pretty stuffed, once our friendly and kind waitress asked if wanted to look at the dessert menu, we said we would take a look. Despite saying we would look, we ended up ordering a good selection from the dessert menu. Our absolute favorites were the baklava ice cream with a close second to the very unique baklava cheesecake for $5.50.

The baklava Ice cream made exclusively for Symeon’s by Roc Star Ice Cream in Waterville, NY for  $5.95. The baklava ice cream was truly unique. We loved the filo dough shell, the bits of walnuts and honey flavor in the ice cream and the whip cream topping.

The berry mousse of the day was light and delicious and reminded us of a fluffy strawberry ice cream flavor $4.50.

The chocolate baklava was overly sweet with the additional layer of chocolate. The chocolate made the Greek pastry of honey, chopped walnuts, filo because a bit too much to enjoy $3.95. Regular baklava would have been a better choice.

We would highly suggest Symeons for anyone in the area. A majority of the dishes were just so delicious and better than any Greek we have tasted. From the calamari, pilaf, kabob to the baklava ice cream, there were so many highlights that were some of the best we have enjoyed.

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