Bonchon Chicken, Allston Revisited

Our favorite place for KFC (Korean Fried Chicken) is BonChon Chicken. We have been so many times (BMH reviews of BonChon, Allston – Revisited), included times have not blogged about because they were our secret chicken fix trips.

The hand-brushed, piece-by-piece twice fried chicken is coated in a soy garlic or spicy sauce. Our favorite is still the soy garlic sauce. The sweet and savory sauce is addictive.

BonChon recently opened a second location in Massachusetts at the old Kelly’s Roast Beef at Harvard Ave in Allston. The second location is a little bit smaller then the Allston location, does not have sushi, but does have Korean BBQ. We’ll have to visit the other location soon. The Korean fried chicken chain has locations in New York, Jersey and Virginia. Internationally, Bonchon can be found in Phillipines, Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore.

There were groups of sake bombers and the restaurant serves Soju and different Soju cocktails.

The Allston location has much more student visitors because of the Boston University and Boston College area and the atmosphere is quite vibrant. There always is a small line or wait time, but well worth it. Hopefully, with the other location, the new location will be just as popular.

In fact, we had a mini sighting. We believe our group sat next to Jean of Extra Petite and her boyfriend Nick. My older sister, who is just more fashion savvy than I, thought she recognized Jean from the blog. Sis has been a long time reader and loves that Extra Petite focuses on affordable business fashion, casual styles and stylish outfits for petite women. We also love her Youtube vids.

BonChon serves four sizes, small (10 pieces of strips/wings or 5 drumsticks), medium (20 pieces of strips/wings or 10 drumsticks), large (30 pieces of strips/wings or 15 drumsticks) and x-large (40 pieces of strips/wings or 20 drumsticks) at $9.95, $18.95, $26.95 and $33.95, respectively.

We usually do a half an half order of the strips (the extras are awesome the next day for mini chicken sandwiches or for lunch). Then we order a full soy and garlic wing order, no spicy because we love the soy garlic wings.

The wings retain all the crispness, tender flavor and are really a problem, an addiction if you will. The Hot Sauce, well it is HOT. Our eyes water a bit, and once the tongue gets acclimated to the heat, it is manageable. We cut the heat with the coleslaw and pickled daikon. In fact, on June 30th BonChon held its first WINGS Contest. Ten participants attempted to eat 50 SPICY WINGS per person in 15 minutes. We couldn’t do it, that’s for sure.

Our friend’s father agreed that the BonChon wings are the best of all the offerings (as well as the calamari and fried shrimp!) We really enjoyed the fried squid which was lightly battered, airy, perfectly fried and served with ponzu sauce. Very enjoyable. The fried shrimp was also well done.

The chicken strips were our second favorite. The meat is thin, flavorful and coated in the perfect amount of batter and sauce.

Finally, we had a small order of the drumsticks. Although they are popular among other diners, but we think the super meaty drums are good, they just do not have as much crispy skin as we would wish!

The pork belly shioyaki ($7.95) was our least favorite. The broiled slices of garlic–marinated pork belly was a bit tough and not as fatty as we would have hoped. They were buried under green and regular onions.

The Kaki Fry are fried battered oysters topped with okonomiyaki sauce ($7.95). The oysters were well coated and had a nice crunch, however was not as briney and ocean flavored as we hoped.  The oysters themselves were Blue Points.BonChon’s house fried rice with  is some of the best ($9.95). The chili spice, scrambled eggs and vegetables in a lightly stir-fried rice is well balanced, flavorful and really delicious with the KFC. 


We can’t wait to hear about the outcome of BonChon Allston’s first wings contest. We plan on visiting again soon for our own mini-wings eating, soy garlic only though!

Bon Chon on Urbanspoon

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