Guest Post: Hungry Games: Level One—Disco Brunch, Washington DC

I had been to Level One once before and remembered that it had a super fun Disco Brunch on the weekends.  So, when my friend JT suggested that we grab a bite to eat in my neighborhood before her boyfriend whisked her away to Kenya for a week before she moved permanently to NYC, I suggested we go there.  Her only stipulation was that we find a place with bottomless Mimosas, and since Level One offers bottomless Mimosas and bottomless Bloody Mary’s for just $14, it seemed like the perfect fit (and they are strong!).

Level One is located on the corner of 17th and R Streets NW.  The outdoor tables, filled with people just enjoying themselves, makes the spot very inviting.  The wait staff is fabulous, hot, and attentive (and if you’re lucky, a little sassy).  The first time I went, all the servers and bartenders were dressed up in disco clothes…not the case this time.  I have to admit, I was really looking forward to the one-piece jumpsuits and afro wigs, but I guess that would be a little hot for summer.

The disco themed menu is hilarious, with items such as Bell Bottoms Breakfast Sandwich and Macho Man Steak and Eggs.

I ordered the Biscuits and Gravy because my friend had them the first time I went, and I remembered them being the greatest thing I had ever eaten EVER.  Turns out, the first time I went I was pretty hammered on Bloodies by the time the food came.  This time around, I was not drinking (I know!  It was difficult with the temptation of bottomless beverages, but I’m training for a marathon and trying to take it seriously).  Although the sausage gravy was pretty tasty, the biscuits were a little too dense.  The home fries were good, though…a nice level of crispiness, although they don’t have any onions in them, which I kind of prefer.  I enjoyed the meal, but I think I will either order differently next time, or drink more!

Both JT and my friend FUNG! ordered the Love Hangover Eggs Benny with crab cake.  FUNG! was kind enough to let me try a bite.  I must say, Level One serves up a nice eggs benedict!  The crab cake was a great addition (sometimes they’re not meaty enough, but this one was) and the eggs were cooked to the right amount of gooeyness.

My friend EDO ordered the Croque Madame, which is just a Croque Monsieur—ham and gruyere sandwich—but with eggs on top.  I liked her meal better than mine—the combination of salty ham, melty cheese and slightly sweet bread was quite satisfying.

All in all, Disco Brunch was a great time!  If you’re looking for a fabulous and boozy experience, this is the place to go.

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