Stephanie’s on Newbury, Back Bay, Boston

Stephanie’s on Newbury is known for their brunch and outdoor seating. Folks love Stephanie’s because it is perfect for people watching. We have dined at Stephanie’s on Newbury for brunch and enjoyed drinks at the bar before. A short walk away in the South End, we have also dined al fresco and sampled a good variety of dishes at Stephi’s on Tremont.

We were asked to wait 15 minutes for an outdoor seat. We settled into the couches at the front of the restaurant until our table was ready.

The sautéed crab cakes with jalapeño tartar sauce and spicy aioli were very flavorful and we just wish there were two more cakes or larger patties for for $16.

Crunchy vegetable salad was a fresh mix of thin sliced carrots, sweet cucumbers, celery, shaved cauliflower, red peppers, and feta cheese tossed with baby arugula and lemon vinaigrette for $13. We asked for goat instead of feta. The salad was super light and paired well with the crab cakes.

If one is in the mood for being seen or seeing others, Stephanie’s is a great spot. The price points are higher for what the dishes are, but still tasty. The location alone is the reason to eat here.

Stephanie's on Newbury on Urbanspoon

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