Gingerbread Construction Co., Winchester

We love Gingerbread Construction Co.sugar cookies. Gingerbread Construction is located Winchester and Wakefield, North Shore suburbs of Massachusetts. A coworker introduced us to the  sugar cookies a few years ago and looked forward to an office space sighting and munching. A box of 13 heavenly sugar cookies are $19.99 and worth every penny.

The sugar cookies come in festive holiday centric shapes, are nice and buttery and have a sugary crust which provides nice texture on the exterior. Recently, our friend brought us some muffins and we looked forward to trying them.

The muffins are only available in store and the pricing is four muffins for $7.96. We tried the Apple n’ Spice Muffin which had a moist cinnamon flavor and was filled with with chunks of apples.

Our favorite was the Gingerbread muffin. The Gingerbread muffin is filled with a swirl of light cream cheese icing, then topped with a dusting of powdered sugar. The muffin itself has the spicy flavor of gingerbread cookies, but in a perfectly spongy texture. We would eat a whole box of these if we could.

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