Gyu-Kaku, Brookline- Japanese BBQ

Gyu-Kaku is a Japanese chain that focuses on grilling your meat over open charcoal and gas flames. They have many locations in California, New York and internationally. The restaurant has mini-grills built into the tables, with seating for 151 inside and another 40 outside, and are open for lunch and dinner daily.

The decor and atmosphere here is lovely. Gyu-Kaku has mostly dark wood decor, but it is decorated beautifully. If you have a larger party, you may be seated in the back area which has light wood decor. The layout follows that of Japanese culture, where feeling a sense of privacy is emphasized, even though you have people directly next to you.

Gyu-Kaku features an array of Japanese and Korean items–with the focus being on barbecued beef dishes. They also offer large course prix-fixe style meals for 2 to 10 people. Some of the menu options include cold vegetable appetizers, miso soup, kimchee, maki, gyoza, ramen, bibimbap, short rib, prime rib, lamb, duck, shrimp, Kobe style beef, and spicy pork. You can choose to marinate your meats in any of the following flavors- miso, tare, basil, shio, garlic, yuzu- or have your server choose for you.


We ordered about 3 meat dishes per person and it definitely wouldn’t be enough if we didn’t have miso soup, salad, and rice to go along with it. Be sure to order accordingly. Also, if your meat starts to stick to the grill, it’s time to have your waiter switch out grill plates for a new one because the meat will stick and rip. Normally, we switch grill plates 3-4 times a visit. We also got a side of asparagus. They pre-marinate it inside the foil, we don’t recommend getting it because it gets soggy, even though you cook it for a minute on each side. My favorite meats were the Kobe style flap steak miso and the Kobe style tri-tip tare because they were both very flavorful and tender. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of them in my excitement to eat. You can get them as a happy hour set sometimes.


Miso soup


Half house salad on the left, seaweed salad on the right


Beef tongue with lemon


Chicken basil, premium sirloin, shrimp garlic, filet mignon from top to bottom


For dessert, we shared the Lady M Green Tea crepe cake with ice cream. Every Thursday, the restaurant receives a shipment of freshly made cakes from this popular NYC bakery. It’s a French style dessert that is not commonly made in Boston, so I would definitely try it once. Quantities are limited, so time your meal accordingly. I really enjoyed this crepe cake because it was not overly sweet and the green tea flavor was balanced. The texture is unique- delicate, creamy, and a little sponge-cake like.

Customer service here is very prompt and friendly. Prices at Gyu-Kaku can be expensive for the amount of meat you get, so I would come here during weekday happy hour as prices are much cheaper than dinner. Happy hour specials are available from 11:30am – 5:00pm and 9pm-10:30pm, Monday through Thursday. This is a good deal because you can save 50% on select dishes. I can’t wait to come back to try more meats, especially the duck and pork belly, as well as try a special set meal.

1002 Beacon Street
Brookline, MA, 02446

Gyu-Kaku on Urbanspoon

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