Carroll’s Restaurant, Medford Square, Medford

Carroll’s is located in Medford Square and recently opened a few months ago. Maury Carroll was checking in and greeting with the patrons to ensure their experience was positive.

The owners used to own Carroll’s Diner before it burned down and now Carroll’s Restaurant has become a popular spot for the locals.

Carroll’s menu features American pub fare, burgers, sandwiches, tips and has a great bar.

We enjoyed very generous pours of Chardonnay, Silver Palm (North Coast) $8 with aromas of apple blossom and pear with white peach, Gravenstein apple and meyer lemon, Sauvignon, Blanc, Kim Crawford (Marborough, NZ) $10 and Pinot Grigio, Murphy-Goode (California) $9 with spice pear, grapefruit, white peach flavors.

We were brought out a small basket of buttered bread. We definitely enjoyed the fluffy center and buttered exterior.

The House Chopped Salad was one of the best salads we have eaten. The salad came with iceberg and romaine lettuce, chopped hard boiled egg, bacon, red onion, diced tomatoes, cut green beans, avocado, and crumbled bleu cheese tossed in a creamy house dressing. The star of the salad was indeed the house dressing. The combination of mayo, sour cream, cottage cheese and herbs was really special and coated the components perfectly $7.50.

The Fried Calamari was nicely fried and even after we squeezed a bit of lemon, there was something missing, a bit of seasoning or spice for $9.95.

The combination of Marinated Sirloin, Pork Tips and Turkey Tips Sampler Platter was really tender and well marinated for $16.95. The juicy grilled tips came with a side of rice pilaf and nicely prepared asparagus.

The Irish Cheddar Burger was suggested by my friend. I asked for double fries versus the coleslaw, however got the dish as described. The burger came medium rare as requested and super tender. The Irish cheddar was nicely melted on the burger and toppings were super fresh for $9.95.

The Grilled Portabella sandwich was super juicy and flavorful. Previously, the sandwich came in a burger bun, however from a friend’s suggestion the bread optoin was changed into a Ciabata roll for $9.50. Ironically, the ciabatta makes it more difficult to eat because of the thickness. The burger bun would cushion the portabella.

If we are back in the Medford area again, we would highly suggest Carroll’s for cocktails and solid American fare.
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