Third-Annual Appleton Estate Remixology, Julep Bar, Financial District, Boston

We have had great sunny days and sunsets at the beaches of Negril, Jamaica and enjoyed our fair share of rum drinks and frozen cocktails. Although we didn’t visit the Appleton Estate, on holiday in Jamaica, we brought home several bottles of Appleton Estate rum from duty free. Many frozen cocktails and rum and cokes have been made since that time.

Recently, we attended the Appleton Estate Reserve Remixology Bartender Challenge at Julep Bar in the Financial District, Boston (formerly Revolution Rock Bar) and outside the bar’s entrance was hearing cheers and reverberations of music.

The Julep Bar had lit candelabras, pumping music and swarms of attendees and industry folks tasting rum cocktails.

Local bartenders from No. 9 Park, Catalyst, JM Curley Bar and Backbar were invited to choose a song they really liked and devise a cocktail to accompany the song. If we were to do a pairing, we would for sure make a drink that would go to Bob Marley, a natural guess, but no one can go wrong with Bob.

Judges DJ Brother Cleve, Kate Palmer of Origin Beverage and last year’s Boston Remixology winner, Sean Frederick had Citizen a difficult  job. The five different rum based cocktails went down real easy.

Jason Kilgore of Catalyst created “Stranger’s Candy” which had a nice grapefruit flavor. We had our clear favorites, but deeply enjoyed all the various components from bitters, blue curacao to absinthe.

We sampled the Blue Flight by Sam Treadway of Back Bar and it was more blue curacao and blueberries then rum.  The cocktail was accompanied with Volare by Dean Martin and we may have to try it ourselves because we do love blue curacao.

2 oz. Appleton Estate Reserve – 0.5 oz Blue Curacao – 0.5 oz fresh lime juice – 0.5 oz Luxardo Maraschino – 0.125 oz Amaro Nonino (rinse) -10 fresh blueberries (muddled).

Muddle blueberries, add all liquids except Nonino, add ice, shake and double strain into a chilled cocktail glass rinsed with nonino, garnish with blueberries and lime peel wings on a pick.

Our favorite was The Golden FIddle by Tyler Wang of No. 9 Park. Tyler is dressed in the coveralls and was third runner up.

The “Golden Fiddle” cocktail was accompanied by Devil Went Down to Georgiaby Charlie Daniels Band and had a nice balance of absinthe, rum and lime. The recipe includes 2 oz. Appleton Estate Reserve- 3/4 oz Fresh Lime Juice – 1/2 oz Creme De Cassis -1/2 oz Willet Rye Barspoon Kubler Absinthe – 2 Dash Angostura – Flamed Angostura.

Tyler’s colleague, Ted Kilpatrick (dressed in the leopard robe) also of No. 9 Park, won the Boston competition. He created the “Organized Noise” which was paired with “Waterfalls” by TLC. The cocktail had a kick and after taste which was the Chalula Mexican hot sauce. Clever.

Initially, we thought Ted was wearing a Japanese kimono, but at second glance, he was just showing his feminine side and relaxed weekend chest hair. Clearly showing a little skin helped the No. 9 Park contenders. Their performances were very light hearted entertaining.

The Appleton Estate Remixology finals compete from September 9th-11th in New York CIty, versus the other finalists from New York, San Francisco and Miami.

Other drinks we sampled included The Blue Flight, Dreaded Redhead and The Stranger’s Candy.

Servers were offering up Jamaican inspired flavored chicken wings an in interesting tostone with stewed meat, we thought we heard goat (how Jamaican!). We regret that didn’t sample ihe snacks because we were about to head to dinner. The Julep Bar menu looks fun including waffle fries and soy chicken wings and we would be interested in sampling more when we are here next.

Disclaimer: Our attendance to the competition was complimentary, but all our opinions are our own.


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