Artisan Bistro, Ritz-Carlton, Chinatown, Boston

We were at the Boston Common for a movie and was looking for a quick dinner. We popped into the Ritz Carlton and went to the Artisan Bistro formerly Jer-ne. The bar restaurant was closed for renovations and reopened last September. 

We enjoyed the low lighting, open space and atmosphere. The servers and host were more than accommodating, thoughtful and best in breed.

The bar area is relaxed and perfect for an after work drink or date.

We sampled a Grilled Pineapple margarita Patron Resposado muddled grilled pineapple, grilled limes Artisan housemade margarita mix. The flavor of the pineapple was fresh and clean. Very enjoyable. The Cured cocktail Crop cucumber vodka, sweet balsamic vinegar, blue cheese & Serrano stuffed olives was very unique. The Serrano and olives had a really nice flavor and was a nice combination of salty and tangy.

At BMH, bread is a key factor in our dining experience. A fresh loaf of warmed bread with a tender interior and crisp crust is so important and served with soft, well seasoned butter or oil. Artisan Bistro delivered just that and we were happy.

Our server disclosed that he believed the burgers at Aritsan are some of the best. We went for the Bbq Burger with bacon jam, fried onion ring, lettuce, tomato and fries. The fries were nicely seasoned and perfectly tender and crisp. We really appreciated that our server brought dijon, tabasco, mayo and ketchup without need for prompt.

We loved every bite of the juicy burger, sweet tangy and salty bacon jam and the texture and flavor of the onion ring.

The truffled mushroom, mozzarella and onion flatbread was super thin, crisp, perfectly cheesy and delicious. The various mushrooms and truffle flavor was satisfying.

We were really pleased with our first Artisan Bistro visit. Our cocktails, service, food and experience was solid all around. Next time, come back for another burger and maybe sample the Croque monsieur.

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