Local 149, South Boston

Local 149 is a fun local bar in Southie with a blue-collar twist. The regular menu features upscaled classic American pub fare. This place packs in plenty of neighborhood charm on P Street, down by Citypoint.

My sister and I weren’t there to try their regular fare though. We came in specifically for Local 149’s Tiki Week, a week long celebration of all things Polynesian with a Rhum Launch Party and a Tiki Bash. During that week, they featured a fantastic $35 Polynesian prix-fixe. We decided that in order to save room for dessert, we’d split all the appetizers and entrees.

The decor was fun, whimsical and very colorful.

My sister tried the My Oh Mai Tai (above left) which had Appleton rum, lime and pistachio orgeat. I tried the Island Sabbatical (above right) which had Old Monk rum, passion fruit, tiki bitters and housemade ginger beer. I adored my drink because it was a delicious version of a dark ‘n’ stormy. The housemade ginger beer was freshly made and added a pleasant warmth to the drink. Both drinks were well made and I would definitely try other tiki drinks.

We tried the spicy lemon and agave spare ribs with daikon slaw as one of our appetizers first. The ribs were delectable and the meat easily fell off the bone. The sauce wasn’t too thicky or sticky and actually went well with the cool, creamy slaw.

The tuna sashimi with creamy macadamia and lychee vinaigrette, spicy lemon honey was our favorite appetizer. The flavors in the dressing and the tropical fruit went well with the lightly seared tuna.

The Polynesian-style braised beef shortribs with smashed yucca, ginger, pineapple and serrano pepper were an instant must-order for the two of us. The meat was tender and easy to eat without a knife. The pineapples added a touch of sweetness to counterbalance the heaviness of the meat and the starchy yucca added a dimension creamy richness.The dessert special of the night was an upside down pineapple cake with salted caramel ice cream. The pineapple cake was pleasantly dense and studded with plenty of caramelized pineapples while the delicious ice cream lent its subtle salt to enhancing the cake.

Overall, it was definitely a hit with us and a great way to showcase the kitchen’s and bar’s talents while drawing in various crowds. I hope Local 149 does this event again soon because we are more ready to say Aloha again!

Local 149 on Urbanspoon

Disclaimer: We were invited to attend Tiki Week by Local 149 and Boston Food Blogs however all opinions remain our own.

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