Crave Mad for Chicken, Chinatown, Boston


Crave Mad for Chicken is a chain that originated in New York with sister locations in NJ and MA. Their claim is they only use fresh, never frozen and all natural chicken. We tried out Bonchon’s new Boston competition with no expectations and an open mind.



The decor is very modern, sleek and spacious. The bar and lounge is on the left when you walk in, tables are in the middle and the sushi bar as well as the kitchen are in the back. The only negative thing is that the music is played far too loud, as if we are in the club raring to get on the dance floor. The only silly assumption I can make is that because the customers seem to be mostly young adults and students, they may want loud music to go with the myriad of scorpion bowls we saw being consumed. Parking is very easy. If you go down Hudson Street, directly behind Crave Mad for Chicken, there us a fenced in lot owned by Tufts. If you park there and give the parking attendant your receipt afterwards, parking is free after 4 pm.


The menu offers a wide variety of savory Korean fried chicken, sushi, tapas, craft beer and scorpion bowls. If you follow their Facebook page, they sometimes randomly offer $1 oyster nights on game nights. One of the things that we noticed is that their are more wing sauces to choose from- soy garlic, spicy, extra spicy, BBQ or buffalo.


Rock and Rye old fashioned on left, Wild Cherry on right

All I can say is that they mix their delicious drinks on the strong side. ‘Nuff said.



Sushi pizza

Sushi pizza is a great starter. The crispy rice base is a good foil to the tender bits of salmon, tuna, and octopus that is lightly dressed in spicy mayo. It’s perfect for sharing between 2-4 people.


Medium Half and Half Combo

We opted for the medium half and half combo, or 10 wings and 4 drumsticks. We questioned our server about the difference between Mad- spicy and Furious- extra spicy sauce, then decided on the Furious sauce. The chicken tasted great after it arrived at the table. I know the restaurant recently opened and has a few things to still work out, but it is definitely decent chicken. When it is fresh, it is crisp and delicious. The chicken meat is tender but the wings are much smaller in size than I expected. I don’t think it would be very good the next day or even as take out because it would get soggy. Unless of course you don’t mind reheat then in the oven. The soy garlic sauce is similar to Bonchon’s and balances sweet with savory well. The furious sauce is similar to Bonchon’s as well, spicy with a good kick of heat. I just don’t get why they offer a mad sauce which is like a mild medium spicy then. It sort of defeats the purpose of eating spicy food. Even buffalo sauce is more of a medium spicy level in comparison.

If we had to rank the Korean chicken overall, we would rank it as good for Boston, but okay for national. For people who can’t make the trek to Allston, Crave Mad for Chicken hits the spot because of it’s Chinatown location and ease of parking. We’ll be back to try other sauces and more chicken. Maybe we’ll even explore the sushi and soju drink menu further.

Crave Mad for Chicken
75 Kneeland St
Boston, MA 02111
Crave - Mad For Chicken on Urbanspoon

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