Drink, Fort Point, Boston Revisited

It has been sometime we have been back to Drink (BMH’s first review of Drink), but have suggested to friends and colleagues to head over for the no cocktail menu hot spot. Our friends have only returned back with glowing reviews and even successful first dates and love encouters. On weekend evenings the wait is out the door and quite long. However, after work, its the perfect watering hole.

The mixologist dawn light gray vests, work quickly with their vault of tricks and tools. After consulting with our mixologist, mentioning we like dark and stormies, but want something different. He made a gin based Moscow Mule served in an icy copper mug with extra ginger syrup ($12.50). For folks who prefer to opt out of cocktails there is a selection of $5 bottled beers.

We did check out the food menu because we were itching for a snack. The menu includes shrimp cocktail, duck, trout, steak tartar with truffle parmesean aioli. 

We nibbled on the pea hummus served with radishes, root veg and toasted pita for $10. The pea hummus itself lacked seasoning, so we asked our bartender for a bit of kosher salt. After the salt  we were good to go.

The grilled cheese with fontina, blackberries and basil were delicate, perfectly melty and lightly sweet for $10. The sandwiches would be lovely for tea time or a snack. We would definitely order these again.

After spying on our neighbors plates and drinks, next time,we’ll ask for a champagne or beer based cocktail along with the French Fries with malt vinegar aioli.

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