Os Gemeos, Water Cafe and Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston

We love when art reveals something unexpected. Art surprises and absolutely wows. Art stirs genuine emotion, creativity and evokes deep thought. Other times, it propogates laughter and nostalgia. Os Gemeos does the latter. It is whimsical, fun and forces us to want to live in a more colorful way.
Boston has become the new post for comissions from the Os Gemeos Brazilian twins in  Dewey Square, The Revere Hotel and Somerville. So creative.

We were chomping at the bit to make it to the Os Gemeos exhibit at the ICA and decided to go on the free Thursday evenings ($25 each saved cha ching). On our walk to the ICA, we ran into folks waiting to join the Diner en Blanc for their picnics en pleine air.

We finally made it to the ICA for the Os Gemeos exhibit and then also enjoyed the  Harborwalk Sounds with free performances by Berklee College of Music.

The Water Cafe was serving Harborwalk Tastes of Lemon Chicken or vegetable skewers, miso glazed salmon salad and BBQ Pulled Pork Sliders.

The $5 Menu had Mini Maine lobster rolls on toasted brioche and House-made chips with roasted garlic dip. The chips were a really nice thickness, crisp and the roasted garlic dip had a nice garlic flavor and was really smooth.

We were surprised Lance Armstrong owns a New York Metro inspired piece from the twins and had many favorites. Our most beloved were the more sequined, surrealistic or dreamlike pieces. We loved the found objects, multiple mediums and each piece is just fun and colorful. 

We loved all the sequins and the graffiti within graffiti . So cool.

This one Untitled was my favorite. Ethereal, layered and I got lost.

The musical element of this piece was awesome. The organ keys would create fun voices, beats and exclamations in multiple languages. 

Water Café at the Institute of Contemporary Art on Urbanspoon

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