Sportello, Fort Point, Boston Revisited

After passing through all the folks waiting in the entry way into Drink, we entered Sportello (BMH’s first review of Sportello). The restaurant was fully seated and we asked the host/manager how long the wait was without a reservation. He mentioned there were two folks in front of us, but estimated a 15 minute wait.

We admired the various cupcakes in the bakery counter and takeaway area. The two which really captured us was the KitKat cupcake and dried strawberries topped on a white frosted cupcakes. Maybe next time.

These huge palm sized pistachio meringues were so popular. Throughout the evening thelarge clouds of meringue were sold for $3. We were very tempted. We also loved looking at the cookies from almond amaretti to vanilla shortbread.

While we were waiting, we decided on dessert first. Our blackberry and oreo macaroons were very chewy and thicker than other macarons we have sampled (BMH’s review of Laduree). The blackberry jam flavor was delicious. The oreo macaron was just so chocolatey and fun to eat. In fact, it reminded us of a smaller chocolate whoopie pie. 

Our estimated 15 minute wait turned into a 40 minute wait and after we checked in, a few minutes later a seat opened up.

After two rounds of bread served with creamy ricotta, olive oil and lightly sweet fig spread, we were ready for our entrees. 

Our server informed us that if we order pastas there would be an additional wait for 18 minutes because the pasta station was backed up. At this point, we were famished and were willing to tack on the additional wait time. Two chefs were on the line and the demand for pasta did not match the capacity of the kitchen.

We enjoyed an Anson Mills with polenta and porcini for $23. The creamy, super buttery polenta was comforting and really smooth. The earthiness of the porcini was satisfying and went well with the paper thin curls of salty parmesean. We really enjoyed this rich and warming dish.

We really loved the corn agnolotti with chanterelles, scallions and corn for $22. The light pasta was filled with some polenta and the scallions and corn was very summer and fresh.

It would have been nice if the manager or staff continued to inform us in 15 minute increments the new expected wait and communicated new expectations so we could make an informed decision to find an alternative dining spot. Although the food is so solid, a few unsavory touch points and extended would deter us from returning without a reservation.

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