Guest Post: BMH’s Lil Sis: Mistral, Back Bay, Boston

Another post from our Little Sis. Wide Grin. In honor of her second post, another song dedication and shout out to LS. Amy Winehouse’s Valerie. Loved reading about LS’s visit to Mistral, see BMH’s previous review of Mistral.

Mistral- 8/23/12

We were very happy to visit Mistral for dinner which was listed as one of the top restaurants to visit during Restaurant week. The decor was simple and elegant, with the bright chandeliers and grand columns. Our waiter was very cheerful and more than accommodating. The 3-course dinner offered your choice of appetizer, entrée, and dessert for $33.12.

We started with the “Sirloin Carpaccio, Garlic & Lemon Aïoli, Pecorino, Arugula & Ciabatta” which was a nice started. The thin slices of sirloin with the lemon ailoi was a nice light start.

The “Ragout of Duck Confit, Sweet Summer Corn & Chanterelle “Vol-Au-Vent”, House Cured Bacon” was definitely our favorite appetizer. The ragout was very rich and creamy while the vol-au-vent pastry’s fluffy, “buttery-ness” simply added even more goodness.

For our entrées my friend ordered the “Grilled Scottish Salmon “Niçoise”, Haricot Verts & Ward’s Farm Tiny Tomatoes” The salmon was prepared nicely, but in comparison to other dishes ordered in the past, she said it was good, but nothing special. In addition, for restaurant week Mistral offered a few select, featured wines. My friend had a glass of the Sauvignon Blanc, ‘La Petite Perriere’, Guy Saget (Loire Valley, France) for $8 that paired nicely with her salmon.

“Pan Roasted Sirloin with “Pommes de Terre Lyonnaise”, Bleu d’Auvergne and Port Wine” Everyone can appreciate how wonderful it is when steak is well-prepared and seasoned, and Mistral did a great job. I asked for medium rare, and that is exactly what I received. The potatoes were also cooked perfectly, which were a nice addition to the sirloin. Despite being so full, it was quite difficult to stop eating!

Though we barely had room for dessert: we ordered one of each of the options:
“Chocolate Devils Food Cake with Pistachio Gelato & Penuche Glaze, Amarena Cherries” The cake was rich, but a bit dry. I wished it would have been more moist. The pistachio gelato was nice, especially with the candied pistachios and cherries on the side.

“Lemon Butter Milk Panna Cotta with Raspberries and Crunchy Meringue” The panna cotta was smooth and creamy with the nice hint of lemon flavor. The raspberries brought a nice freshness as well.

Overall, our appetizers and entrees were excellent, but the desserts were somewhat lacking. Perhaps it may have been due to both of us being so full from our meals! Ultimately, we concluded the visit was a great success.

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