Guest Post: BMH’s Lil Sis: Toro, South End, Boston

Thrilled. It has come the day for our little sis to join us on BakingMeHungry. She has been tagging along on restaurants for ages and no surprise Lil Sis loves to bake. Doesn’t that sound like folks we know?! In fact, Lil Sis has blogger appreciation in her blood, because she turned us on to John Legend’s wifey’s blog SoDelushious.

For another perspective on Toro for Restaurant Week check out BMH’s RW Review Toro, South End. Completely different meal with different sister. Let’s hope Lil Sis wants to keeps on posting 🙂 Song Dedication Family Affair by Mary J.

Toro: 8/22/12

My friend and I were very excited to finally visit as we have heard many rave reviews from our friends. Usually, Toro does not accept reservations but made an exception for restaurant week. It was clear everyone took advantage of this as well, for we arrived to a very busy, packed restaurant for a late lunch. The 3-course lunch menu consists of 4 tapas of your choice split amongst 2 people, 1 pinchos per person, and 1 dessert per person all for $20.12.

First were our individual pinchos, which the waitress explained are items that are eaten in “a few bites.” My friend ordered the “datiles con jamon” (which were dates filled with almonds and blue cheese wrapped in jamon serrano). We liked the strong kick of the blue cheese and the sweetness of the date together. For an additional $3 we ordered the “foie gras con cerazas” (foie gras with cherry walnut mostarda) which was delicious.Having never had foie gras, it was definitely something fun to try and would order again.

For our tapas, which were explained to us as small plates to be shared, we started with the “atun crudo” (yellowfin tuna with soy, spicy cucumbers, citrus, and avocado) for an additoinal $1, which was fresh and light which we enjoyed.

“asado de heusos” (roasted bone marrow with radish citrus salad and oxtail marmalade) – We were very excited for this plate, but unfortunately it was the least favorite of all of our dishes. The bone marrow didn’t have that rich flavor we were expecting. However, the oxtail that accompanied it was very tasty which made up for it.

“Pato con membrillo” (smoked duck drummettes with quinze glaze) – Having eaten duck primarily prepared in the asian style, we were curious to try the Latin take. We were pleasantly surprised. The meat was very tender, practically falling off the bone. The glaze had a nice barbeque flavor that we really liked.

For our last tapas, we knew we had to order the “maiz asado con aioli y queso cotija” (grilled corn with alioli, lime, esplette pepper, and aged cheese) as our friends had highly recommended it. We were not disappointed. This was our absolute favorite plate by far. The sweetness of the corn, and richness of the cheese was amazing. Though a bit messy to eat served on the cob, it was absolutely worth it and we would have happily had seconds. We both agreed we would return just to get this alone!

Finally for dessert we tried the churros con chocolate and manchego con membrillo. The chocolate sauce was rich which paired nicely with the crispy churros. Both were a nice finish to a great meal.

Having been our first visit, Toro did not dissapoint. Initially, we were worried there wouldn’t be enough food, but we were beyond full before dessert arrived. Overall, a very fun and great experience. We can’t wait for our next visit!

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