Guest Post: Hungry Games: Frozen Yogurt with Toppings—TangySweet, Penn Quarter, Washington, DC

If I’m craving frozen yogurt with toppings—in the vein of Pinkberry, which I frequented when I lived in New York City—then I have a couple options in DC. There’s Sweet Green (they have one tangy flavor that has a hint of lemon, and fewer toppings), Mr. Yogato (a quirky spot), and yes, we do have Pinkberry. However, my favorite is TangySweet, located at 675 E St NW, with the entrance on 7th.

I went there with Natch and Very Curious George after lunch at Protein Bar. The Penn Quarter location feels clean and industrial. I like the high tables meant for standing and chatting, but they also have some tables by the windows where you can sit to enjoy your yogurt.

They have regular flavors—classic, coconut, chocolate, green tea, and mango-peach—and also a daily featured flavor. You can order small (5 oz), medium (8 oz), or large (13 oz) with or without toppings. If you get toppings, you can load it up with as many as you like from the toppings bar. Toppings range from chocolate and candy, to cereal and nuts, to fresh fruit.

Made-to-order smoothies are also an option on the menu.

Natch and Very Curious George both ordered small yogurts with toppings. They were very satisfied with the amount of yogurt and assortment of choices to put on top.

I went with a swirl of the mango-peach and coconut without toppings. The mango-peach is a strong, refreshing flavor, and you can taste both fruits. I like the coconut because it’s a little more mild and creamy. It’s a great combination and a delightful dessert!

The yogurt is 90 calories per ½ cup serving (a small cup is about 1.4 servings, according to the nutrition fact sheet, so around 130 calories. Obviously, factor in more for toppings).

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