Five-O Shore Road, Ogunquit, Maine

There are many pizzerias, tapas places and bistros in the Ogunquit downtown area. One of the shop owners gave us suggestions for dinner and described a great restaurant Five-O Shore Road with a bar area and grilled chicken sandwich, roasted tomato, mozzarella, basil for $10.

The bar area was very relaxed and for 6:00pm not busy at all. Local Mainers and folks were drinking cosmos and starting their evening. Our bartender/server was very sweet natured and thorough in explaining the menu. She mentioned the artichoke aranchini with whipped goat cheese, peppers agro dolce and escargot, shallots, prosciutto, pernot, arugula, parmesean are very popular. Next time.

We enjoyed some olive oil and bread while waiting for our meal and probably filled up on too much. The beach and salt water made us famished and we could not help it.Five- O’s Lobster B.L.T. is one of the best lobster sandwiches, lobster anything ever eaten. The Native lobster, smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise combination is unbelievable. Balanced, refreshing and generous. The french fries were nicely seasoned and a great compliment to the sandwich.
For $18, the Lobster B.L.T. is worth every bite. The only aspect we would change is the bread should be more toasted or on a baguette.

My friend enjoyed the fresh caesar salad with romaine lettuce, garlic croutons  for $12 and added chicken for $5 and said it was one of the top five salads ever eaten. The dressing had a nice tang and was house made.

Although we weren’t looking for chicken sandwich, we were looking for All American, well executed fare and found it at Five-O Shore Road.

Five-O Shore Road on Urbanspoon

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