BMH Cribs Edition: Mad Woman

Is anyone curious what a modern-day Mad Woman’s apartment would look like? Well, here it is. We love this apartment so much and can not compliment the accents and overall aesthetic of the joint.  The style and decor is fun and chill. From the maps of NYC and the color coded bookshelf, cool.

The brick interior, the high ceilings, ope space really honors the original construction and the building’s history as a former piano factory.

We die for this bar. Simple, just the favorites and CLASSY.

We love how lived in her place is and has really nice pops of color  including the yellow rug and leather couch. Don’t we love the pillows?

As Mad Woman described, her loft apartment is modern, with just enough character Jealous yet?

As we had a glass of wine, snacked on grapes and caught up, Mad Woman made roasted broccoli, onions (check out this recipe) and whole wheat fusili with mushrooms, peas and ricotta (will try this recipe next). So good. Back in the day, Mad Woman and I would make Annie’s white cheddar shells and cheese. A decade later UPGRADE.

After some Girl Talk (Love Love Love Feed The Animals), we split a fruit tart with a rich buttery crust and a homemade vanilla pastry cream topped with fresh fruits (which BMH will have to attempt ourselves sometime) and called it a night.

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